Warsaw: The Warsaw Ghetto, Warsaw Uprising, Warsaw Pact. War, Destruction, feeling of guilt, Willy Brandt’s historic genuflection, a bit of Hollywood with »Schindler’s List« and Polanski’s » The Pianist«, big images come to mind when you think of Warsaw.

The artist Boris Sieverts is in Warsaw for the first time. In Cologne he runs his “Office for City Travels”. After Cologne, Duisburg, Luxemburg and Paris he now wants to offer to the people of Warsaw a trip through their city as well.

Barely arrived, the artist Boris Sieverts is letting the images he took with him behind him by literally evading them.
For weeks he is wandering with a backpack and a city map through areas of which everyone is claiming, that they are not worth a visit.

Meticulously he looks for anomalies, cracks and edges on topographical maps. In that way he finds places that have eluded perception, the barren lands, the backyards, the parking garages and emergency exits. Ugly corners that nobody is proud of, but still tell something intrinsic about a city.

For Boris Sieverts the path is as important as the destination. Streets, aisles, dirt tracks, they create surprising connections between spaces and milieus. And adventures are waiting on them! Who has gotten lost in his or her own city? Got seduced to dash along the highway on a bicycle? Spent a night outside in comforting exhaustion, instead of sleeping in his or her own bed that is just a few train stops away?

WARSAW FRANKENSTEIN lets the spectator experience how refreshing it is, to enter the seemingly known from the back. In addition it is incredibly easy! Who leaves the theatre after the film can try the “Sieverts method” in his or her own city right away!